Call for Papers (English): Cultures of Knowledge and Diversity. Positions, Diffractions, Participations

6thAnnual Conference of the Gender Studies Association Austria (ÖGGF)

Thu. 27th – Sat. 29th September 2018, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (mdw)

In an increasingly complex society, what are the epistemological bases of differing cultures of knowledge and scholarship? This is the central question of the Sixth Annual Conference of the Gender Studies Association Austria. The Conference addresses knowledge as the basis of and resource for our coexistence and correspondingly questions what is considered a space of knowing or not knowing, and who determines this space. We will trace the hierarchies of knowledge and the processes of knowledge generation in connection with how Mignolo’s “geopolitics of knowledge” shapes the world. How does the concept of diversity and its attendant demands stand in relationship to this? How do categories of diversity determine inclusion and exclusion of actors, themes, and methodologies? How do they condition habits and practices of thought? And last but not least, how do they affect the (im)possibilities of forming relationships with one another?

The theme “Cultures of Knowledge and Diversity” calls for spaces of knowledge within and beyond the arts and sciences and aims to connect them. It should stimulate cutting-edge discussion and inquiry about the positioning of Gender Studies in various contexts of research, theory, teaching, art, and activism. This conference will afford representatives of academic, artistic, and technical disciplines the opportunity to define and subject to critical scrutiny various cultures of knowledge. It is conceived to be a space for reflection upon, intervention in, and critique of, the foundational assumptions of cultures of knowledge, both explicit and implicit. The agency of these assumptions will also be examined. Content plays a central role here, but so do forms. With regard to the perception and recognition of heterogeneity and diversity, this Conference examines both the issue itself and how it comes about. In this context, the perception and recognition of heterogeneity and/or diversity, and the creation of spaces of encounter, are of decisive importance. Here the concept of “diversity” can and may appear in new facets of meaning. The works and questions on this topic may give rise to a broad resonance or image that can be made visible, audible, and tangible.

This call for papers welcomes abstracts about core areas such as the reflection on and development of concepts, theories, and methodologies, as well as about research results from all disciplines, including experimental ones. In this context we suggest the following thematic clusters in which “Cultures of Knowledge and Diversity” could be addressed:

  • Forms of knowledge, production of knowledge, power of knowledge
  • Images of the world and humanity – revisited 
  • Potentials, challenges, and criticisms of the concepts of “gender,” “diversity,” “queer,” “trans,” “intersectionality,” “postcolonial,” “dis/ability,” etc.
  • Disciplinarity vs. Inter- and Transdisciplinarity
  • Researching diversity/ies
  • Coloniality of knowledge and the decolonization of methods
  • Linguistic reflection
  • Gender (Studies) and diversity in EU/international research and artistic projects
  • New ways of thinking and new thought relationships in academic, artistic, theoretical, and practical fields, and in fields of activism
  • Pedagogical-didactic approaches to gender and diversity research

We welcome contributions to Gender Studies from all academic disciplines, as well as inter- and transdisciplinary contexts; from diverse fields of work, practice, and activism; and from scholars and critically engaged artists at all professional levels, whether working within universities or outside them. Diverse presentation formats are welcome, including experimental ones. Your proposal might be linked to a single thematic cluster, or to several, or might even suggest a new one. Everyone is invited to address themes not otherwise mentioned in this call for papers.

We warmly welcome proposals for individual presenters, panels (90 minutes long, including discussion), or poster presentations, in either English or German. Proposals may be made by those who are not currently members of the Gender Studies Association Austria (ÖGGF); however, membership is a prerequisite for presenting.

Conference business will be conducted in German. The conference will be handicapped-accessible, and child care will be available. Please contact the conference organizers before August 15th if any additional support is required.

Submission of Abstracts

Please send your title and abstract (maximum of 2000 characters, including spaces), along with information about the format of your presentation, to, no later than 19 March 2018 (extended). Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent to the submitting author by the end of April.

Host Institutions

  • Executive Office for Equality, Gender Studies, and Diversity, University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna (mdw)
  • Institute for Cultural Management and Gender Studies, University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna (mdw)
  • Gender Studies Association Austria (ÖGGF),

Workshop for Emerging Professionals

The Annual Conference will once again host a Pre-Conference Workshop for members of the Emerging Professionals’ Working Group (“AG Nachwuchs”) on Thursday, 27 September 2018. For information on the workshop, the Emerging Professionals’ Working Group, and how to join the mailing list for emerging professionals, e-mail:

Gender Studies Association Austria (ÖGGF) Travel Subsidy

Scholars without permanent academic posts who will be participating actively in the Conference may apply to the Gender Studies Association Austria (ÖGGF) for a travel subsidy. An application form for this will be made available to all those whose conference proposals are accepted. Subsidies will be awarded on the basis of available funds.

Working Meeting of the Committee of Women’s and Gender Studies Institutions in German-Speaking Areas: the Second Time in Austria

In conjunction with the Sixth Annual Conference of the Gender Studies Association Austria, the 16th Working Meeting of the Committee of Women's and Gender Studies Institutions in German-Speaking Areas (Konferenz der Einrichtungen für Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung im deutschsprachigen Raum, or KEG) will take place at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (mdw). This will be the second time the Working Meeting has been convened in Austria. (The first time was at Klagenfurt in 2009.) The Committee serves as a forum for colleagues working at German, Austrian, and Swiss organizations and university centers concerned with gender research and equality. More information is available at